【Screw Leader Interview】Wu,Jyun-Nan  Chairman of CHING CHAN Optical Technology

5 月 31, 2023 | TW Screw Industry

Report by Wang,Shang-yi

The production of a small screw, from wire drawing to screw forming, is indispensable. And a screw screening machine not only plays the role of screw health check but also serves as an important driver for screws to move towards higher value. Today, in the “Screw Leader Interview,” we feature,Wu,Jyun-Nan the Chairman of Exquisite Optics, who will share his business philosophy with you.

Exquisite Optics is a leading manufacturer of screw screening machines in Taiwan. It started with a vibratory feeder and, after experiencing multiple failures, decided to invest in laser screening machines, which propelled Exquisite Optics to new heights. Wu,Jyun-Nan smiles and says that the company has experienced both big profits and losses, constantly learning and growing. One of the key success factors is the ability to adjust strategies quickly. Most importantly, regardless of what they sell, their products must surpass customer expectations.

Wu,Jyun-Nan reminisces about the journey of Exquisite Optics, starting from the early days of vibratory feeders to later transitioning into screw screening machines and pressure sensors. He likens Exquisite Optics’ role in the screw industry to that of a doctor, using screw screening and sensing technologies to help customers identify causes and find solutions. Looking towards the future, he hopes that Exquisite Optics can become the health center of the screw industry.

“Understanding customer needs and exceeding customer expectations” is Chairman Wu,Jyun-Nan ‘s motto. He explains that the term “customer” refers to potential customers, while “client” refers to existing business partners. To develop potential customers, Exquisite Optics once offered a free trial period of three months to agents from six countries. If they were dissatisfied, they could return the machines unconditionally. This bold and expensive move proved successful.

“In the end, all 18 machines from the six countries’ trial period were sold and directly converted into orders.” This became the first step in Exquisite Optics’ international expansion. Wu,Jyun-Nan states that compared to Germany and Italy, which produce after receiving orders, Exquisite Optics employs mass production, which provides cost advantages. They can also satisfy customers in terms of order lead time and quantity requirements.


Wu,Jyun-Nan states that pressure sensors, for example, offer real-time monitoring and the ability to set shutdown parameters. Similar to a health checkup, these sensors can proactively prevent mold damage, collect data for analysis, and reduce unnecessary material consumption. They are essential tools in Industry 4.0, playing a crucial role in the screw industry’s transition towards high value and carbon reduction.

From this interview, it is evident that having foresight, seizing opportunities, and leading traditional industries towards high value are part of Wu,Jyun-Nan’s philosophy and expectations. In the future, Exquisite Optics will continue to expand into various fields, not only focusing on the screw industry but also targeting the markets of electronic components and pharmaceutical inspection machines.

CHING CHAN Optical Technology Co., Ltd. is a major player in screw screening machines, overseeing the entire process from fastener production to finished product inspection. Their products have reached over 30 countries worldwide.

Cover picture by Wang,Shang-yi